Euro Cool Panel is a Christchurch based company supplying PIR sandwich panel insulation cladding systems, for larger scale horticultural, agricultural, and commercial buildings.

We bring the very latest technology developed in Europe to projects all over New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on nurturing successful relationships with customers, built upon commitment to supply the very highest quality product.

As a supportive partner, we are committed to your project's insulation and cladding requirements, by providing reliable solutions that meet your expectations along with excellent service throughout.

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PIR or polyisocyanurate is a new generation of PUR (polyurethane foam). PIR sandwich panel is a closed cell, high performance insulation foam supported between two steel skins for added strength and versatility.

PIR is the most effective thermal insulation available in today’s construction market, while also being light and strong. It is a closed cell insulation foam to repel water, it is mould resistant and holds three FM Approved Class 1 Certifications for fire resistance.


PIR is well supported by the insurance industry and a key factor in keeping your premiums down, especially in comparison to EPS/ polystyrene.

For insulation factor/thermal conductivity comparison, it takes 90mm or more of EPS/polystyrene to equate to the same insulation value that 50mm of PIR can provide.

PIR sandwich board can be used for cool stores, walk in chillers and freezers where PE/food safe paint finishes maybe required, but also for exterior cladding on roofs and walls with a range of profiles and paint finishes available, including PVDF, which is the ultimate longer lasting exterior paint finish for high UV NZ conditions.