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Roof Panel

Euro Cool PIR Roof Panels (RP) are the first choice for the most economical roofing solutions due to their outstanding load-bearing capacity, superior thermal insulation and joins that provide maximum water tightness, air tightness and water vapor diffusion abilities.

The steel trapezoidal profile is used for roofing and wall exteriors.  The design geometry allows for superior strength while ensuring maximum insulation values for the interior. Dependant on thickness, spans of up to 6m can be bridged in a self-supporting manner.

The steel skins exterior/interior are treated with a new generation sustainable metallic coating of zinc, aluminium and magnesium which offers up to three times the anti-corrosion lifetime of standard zinc galvanising. Designed for the construction industry it offers a much stronger and more resilient finish with higher durability. Thickness of the outer skin can range from 0.50mm - 0.60mm - 0.75mm for the exterior side to 0.40mm - 0.50mm - 0.60mm dependant on load factors.

Minimum length panels of 2.5 metres and maximum of 11.8 metres available with thicknesses ranging from 30mm to 140mm.